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“I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.” – MK Gandhi. Tolerance, a rare virtue, bounces back even when you are thrown against a tight corner. A square can’t bounce as it has angularities; a ball can as it is
light and round.

Virtue of tolerance comes from sensing each thing as a riddle and being part of the solution. Also, all things move in cycles --- that which is cumbersome now is bound to change character. There is movement in tolerance, there is flexibility, for one is not afraid of change. Change is a constant phenomenon. Someone who is tolerant simplifies things to remove hurdles. Humour during tolerance comes from good nature and cheerful outlook on life.

Is it possible to have tolerance as a virtue rather than a necessity? Virtue acquired gives us godly power. We come close to Him by becoming soul-conscious.

“In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher”, says the Dalai Lama. Watch and with the passage of time let the cycle of events unfold themselves. This brings us a sense of well-being, and then solutions fall into place, into pattern. A philosophy evolves that lasts a lifetime. One has to love people as they are, and appreciate them for their talents.

When you begin looking into people’s eyes and see their rarity, and you meet them with your rarity, then tolerance comes naturally. It is an expression of your well-lubricated and hassle-free life.

When there is no tolerance, at home or at workplace, each little thing becomes a burden. It is like standing on the edge of a cliff and nagging or grumbling out of habit.

Tolerance is saying yes to the game of life and enjoying it to the hilt. This virtue stands you in good stead. In due course of time, you are ahead of others in life’s journey.

You will be deeply admired for your accomplishments in life. And to this, if you add a few other qualities, you move towards divinity.

The act of contemplation is very simple, subtle, supernatural, loving, pure, divine, and deep.

It is as a ray of darkness that gives light.

There are three signs that will direct us to contemplation; a) no longer is meditation (which was once helpful) enjoyable, b) attentiveness to meditation is impossible and c) there is a pleasure just being alone with God.

Acknowledging these three signs, with the coordination of a few efforts, just as one might prepare for an athletic competition, the door to contemplation can be opened.

  Source: Hindustan Times




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